VideoAds : FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We need creatives and a roadmap set before we can start our work. We need to get a basic knowledge of the customer, prior to entering a co-operation. Some times this get-to-know-each-other process takes time, and it would not be fair to demand payment before we even meet, would it?

In some cases we offer consulting instead of a full service. For those customers it is a hassle for both them and us if they have pre-paid a full service.

Our team is a small, specialized group - and we cannot take on every customer.
Once the creatives needed are delivered and payment is verified, it usually takes 3-5 days to have the first ad set ready for customer approval.

The ad templates can be revised after the initial production. Once approved by customer, the ready ads will be fully produced within another 2-3 days.
All video ads handed over from us are property of the customer. The ads can be used wherever wanted. We do not insert our watermark in them.
For any other questions contact us, and we will get in touch asap!